Karolina Ferenc, Ryszard Rychlicki,
Łukasz Szczepanowicz

& Agnieszka Kacprzak

Mikrouprawa is a modular system that initiates cultivation of edible plants along with farming  related activities into urban lifestyle. Based on vertical farming Mikrouprawa allows to produce certain amounts of healthy food in our immediate surroundings. Everyday activities of city dwellers evolve mainly around work, which nowadays takes place not only in offices, but also in our homes, coworking spaces, cafes or hotels. Activities related with Mikrouprawa offer variety and instantaneous detachment from the monotony of work, often repetitive and paired with sedentary lifestyle. At the same time the project offers alternative to conventional farming methods, situated far from the city, and refers to global food crisis.
Linking office space with farming places food production next to actual people. It allows everyday contact with the process of growing food. Insertion of farming into work space allows for active contact with greenery and participation throughout the cycles of sowing, growth and harvesting. What is more, such type of cultivation reduces the farming impact on the environment, freeing the land from industrial farming and the related environmental damages such as erosion, pesticide pollution, water consumption and degradation of the soil. In the light of our current limits of farming land, growing reduction of biological diversity, destruction of natural habitats and pollution caused by industrial farming this aspect cannot be understated.
In the next decades the number of people will grow up to around 10 billion. In order to provide sufficient amounts of food it will be crucial to introduce new farming technologies such as hydroponic and vertical farming.
It will be a growing trend to perceive natural food, not just as a source of nutrients, but also as a source of substances that have positive psychological and physiological impact.
The system offers flexible solutions to growing edible plants, which can be arranged in order to enhance various work related situations such as for example group work, solitary work or even short private conversations. Particular elements are equipped with feeding light therefore the system can be used also in areas where daylight is limited. The process of cultivation is based on the use of hydroponic system - a method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. The system currently contains 2 modules – Hydroponic herb cultivation and Mobile sprout station 


October 11th—November 3rd / 2019

#RESOLUTION!, an exhibition by state of DESIGN
in cooperation with the Kunstgewerbemuseum of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Kulturforum Berlin,  Matthäikirchplatz

The project is organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and is part of its programme promoting Polish design worldwide.


officehome extension - roof office hotel

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